About Elawa Farm


Elawa Farm

 Elawa Farm is a public-private partnership dedicated to the preservation and stewardship of a unique combination of natural setting, designed landscapes and buildings of architectural and historic significance.  In 1998, the City of Lake Forest acquired a 16-acre parcel of land, including the original farm complex buildings that were part of an early 20th century gentleman’s farm, known as ELAWA FARM.  Adjacent to ecologically significant Middlefork Savanna, this purchase created an opportunity for a unique partnership of public and private organizations to collaborate in the preservation and use of this property.

Our Mission

Our mission: Elawa Farm, a restored gentleman’s farm and garden, enriches our community as a unique center for hands-on learning and inspires an appreciation for gardening, healthy living and historic preservation.


Q.  What is Elawa Farm?

A. Elawa Farm, a restored gentlman's farm and garden, enriches our community as a unique center for hands-on learning and inspires an ppreciation for gardening, healthy living and historic preservation.

Q. What does the word "ELAWA" mean?

A. The farm was built for the Armour family and "ELAWA" is a composite of ELsa and A. Watson Armour. 

Q. How much time should I plan to spend at Elawa Farm?

A. That depends on how much you want to do.  if you want to visit the Garden Market you only need 10 or 15 minutes.  If you prefer to spend more time, we have historic buildings and beautiful gardens for walking and exploring in any season.  Elawa Farm is located adjacent to the Middlefork Savannah which has miles of trail for biking and hiking as well.

Q.  Is Elawa Farm a charity?

A. Yes, Elawa Farm Foundation is a 501(c)3 organization.  Because we are not supported by any government organization, we rely solely on the generosity of donors to provide the continued historic restoration of the garden and buildings.  All donations made to the Elawa Farm Foundation are tax deductible.

Q. How is Elawa Farm funded?

A.  Funding for Elawa Farm comes from a variety of sources including donations from individuals and families, grants from family and private foundations, special events, corporate sponsors, program fees and facility rentals.

Q.  How will my donation help Elawa Farm?

A. Your donation helps us maintain and improve our historic buildings and gardens, and to offer a full range of programs and educational opportunities.

Q. Can I make a recurring donation?

A.  Yes, recurring donations are easy to set up through Paypal in My Pre-approved Payment section.