These are free events, open to the public & centered around food, gardening, health & the environment. This is a brand new offering for Elawa so stay tuned as we build this programming for you!

10.24.2019 Landscaping for Water


Thursday I October 24, 2019 I 10am-12pm I FREE

Join us at the farm for an engaging & practical discussion on ways to mitigate water issues at your own home by how you create your landscaping and what plants you use.

We will have Bob Dean from the Center for Neighborhood Technology present the CNT's RainReady program. Learn how CNT can partner with your municipality to create a comprehensive plan that will capture and absorb water onsite.  

 "The way we build cities makes them flood, even in modest rainstorms, because asphalt and concrete prevent rainwater from soaking into the ground. We call this urban flooding. Through programs like our RainReady initiative, we help homeowners and municipalities save money by installing green infrastructure solutions like rain gardens and bioswales for stormwater management."  -CNT 

10.03.2019 Lake Forest Clean Energy Dialogue


Thursday I October 3, 2019 I 9:30-11:30am I FREE

 Considering rooftop solar? Want to tap into other renewable energy sources? Or want to save energy and money through energy efficiency? 

Join us for a clean energy discussion featuring research & expertise from the following groups: 

  • Citizens Utility Board (CUB)
  • Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC)
  • Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS)

 Learn more about the Union of Concerned Scientist's new report "Killer Heat in the USA," the Clean Energy Jobs Act (CEJA), and the clean energy programs you can take advantage of today! 

09.05.2019 Chicken Chat


Thursday I Oct 5, 2019 I 10-11:30am I FREE

Interested in owning backyard chickens? Join our local vet, Dr. Robyn Walter-Mrowiec & Mary Ann Barry of Eggceptional Abilities for an introduction to owning chickens. We will cover:


Coops & Predators

Health Issues


What to Expect 

This is the first year Elawa Farm has been allowed to raise chickens on site from May - October. We have 4 beautiful, heritage breed chickens from Kellie at Urban Chicken Rentals and hope to inspire & support our community in joining the movement. 

05.09.2019 Landscaping Without Chemicals


Thursday I May 9, 2019 I 9-11am I FREE

An in-depth discussion on transitioning to a chemical-free lawn. We hosted 5 local panelists to present on their expertise in the landscape industry and then invited the audience to ask questions about their own home landscaping. 


Ryan Anderson - Midwest Grows Green

David Husemoller - College of Lake County

David Gorter - DK Organics

Vytas Pabedinskas - Save Our Soil Composting Soluntions

Leslie Rose - Manfredini Landscaping

Nearly 100 guests in attendance - thanks to all for coming!